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9th November 2006

News article filed by BNP news team

The evils of television – a press release from Richard Colbourne

Those of you that haven't known me long (or don't know me well),
wont know that I've been campaigning against the representation of violence, sexual perversion and propaganda in the media since the mid 1980s; and especially the effects of television. You wont know that I've been saying that one of the worrying aspects is that of reaction conditioning, where the person(s) on the television continue doing whatever it is they shouldn't be doing, despite reaction from one or other of the viewers in a family group; thereby conditioning future reactions among the viewers, most especially in the younger family members.

The backward sibling

Traditionally, a look from a father was sufficient to cause a child to stop doing / saying whatever he / she shouldn't. If there is a backward sibling that is unable to respond normally, the danger is that the other children may copy, unless the parents take control of the situation firmly. The box in the corner is a backward sibling; it doesn't react normally when the parents express disgust at what the box is displaying; in fact the box is completely deaf and blind, though not dumb and inarticulate. If not banished, it will continue to corrupt the other children and even the parents, because even the parents begin to think, "well, if the BBC can use our money to show this, and other people watch it, then it must be acceptable / good".

The 'Powers That Be' realised what was happening and learned how to exploit this to their own advantage; they even told us that smacking our children, was wrong (despite the Bible stating "spare the rod and spoil the child"), and made smacking a criminal offence. If parents had been encouraged to use violence proportional to the offence long ago, they would have taken their television sets outside and smashed them with sledge hammers etc. (don't try it without supervision of H&S personnel, it's very dangerous), and not only ended the tyranny of the box, but stopped dead the reaction conditioning of their children.

Into the abyss

Reactions are learned: what the English, Welsh, Scots, Irish and other civilized societies had formulated over thousands of years, has been changed in a few decades. The Christian values we have assimilated since the Gospel were carried around the world by the first disciples, but have been stolen within little more than two generations. Britain was the first Christian country outside of the Middle East and was in parts already prepared for the coming of the Message of Salvation; brought by travellers from what became known as 'The Holy Land', as they visited the settlements of their kinsfolk here in Britain. If we look back at our own society over the last couple of centuries, we see it approaching the pinnacle of success; then without lingering near the peak, plunging into decadence and lawlessness.

Britain has always led the world, and ironically still is; but now we are leading the other nations into the abyss.

The article in The Times would seem to offer insights that parallel my own explained here, but I'm not a psychologist. I haven't read the cited book; Television at Face Value: Children’s Behaviour in Attention-Cueing Tasks, but it looks interesting. Another version of the article can be found herewithout the adverts.





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Guillaume de Villiers, 29 ans, l’aîné des enfants de Philippe de Villiers, a été mis en examen pour "viols" vendredi après qu’une plainte a été déposée par son frère cadet, Laurent, âgé de 22 ans.


Guillaume de Villiers, 29 ans, l’aîné des enfants de Philippe de Villiers, a été mis en examen. Il est accusé de "viols" par son frère cadet, Laurent, 22 ans.
 Le président du Mouvement Pour la France estime qu’il s’agit d’une "manipulation ignominieuse"

Dans son édition du mardi 21 novembre, Le Parisien révèle que Guillaume de Villiers, 29 ans, l’aîné des enfants de Philippe de Villiers, a été mis en examen pour "viols" vendredi après qu’une plainte a été déposée par son frère cadet, Laurent, âgé de 22 ans. Guillaume de Villiers a subi une expertise psychiatrique et une confrontation avec son frère. Selon une source judiciaire, il a été laissé libre et placé sous contrôle judiciaire lui interdisant de rencontrer le plaignant. Les faits remonteraient à une quinzaine d’années et ne seraient pas prescrits.

Consultant pour le développement international des entreprises, marié et père de trois enfants, Guillaume de Villiers nie tous les faits que lui reproche son frère, a expliqué son conseil, Me Alexandre Varaut. L’avocat a déclaré qu’il porterait plainte mardi pour "dénonciation calomnieuse". "Laurent n’en est pas à son coup d’essai dans les dénonciations d’infractions imaginaires", a expliqué Me Varaut. "Il a une tendance à affabuler", a affirmé l’avocat, ajoutant que cette tendance s’était déjà exprimée dans plusieurs affaires soumises, selon lui, au parquet de la Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée)."La famille Villiers connaît le mal-être et les problèmes de comportement de Laurent", a expliqué Me Varaut. "Ses relations avec les autres et avec lui-même sont un souci permanent". "On peut s’interroger sur le calendrier choisi pour ce dépôt de plainte", a-t-il ajouté.


Pour le président du Mouvement pour la France, "il est clair que cette manipulation odieuse et sordide vise à abattre un candidat à l’élection présidentielle". Selon lui, "il y a plusieurs preuves de la manipulation". "D’abord, la soudaineté d’une plainte infamante en pleine campagne électorale (...) Ensuite le contenu du dossier : il est vide, il ne repose que sur des affirmations calomnieuses (...) Troisième élément : la personne visée, Guillaume de Villiers, était la cible des barbouzes du renseignement, qui lui reprochaient de m’avoir fourni des documents pour mon livre Les Mosquées de Roissy", a assuré le président du conseil général de Vendée, en précisant que son fils aîné "travaille dans l’intelligence’".

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War in Afghanistan: Britain's Vietnam


by MARK NICOL Last updated at 14:58pm on 1st October 2006

Comments Reader comments (18)

A quad bike bounces across battle-ravaged desert, the remains of three dead British soldiers lashed to its back, while a Chinook buzzes overhead.

Exhausted squaddies exchange desultory small-arms fire with an invisible enemy. An infantry unit nervously patrols a burning village.

Watch the dramatic footage shot on the frontline
Soldiers in action in Agfhanistan
British troops in a firefight with the Taliban
Gallery: see more pictures of the troops in Afghanistan here

These are the images that reveal the gritty, deadly reality of the British engagement in Afghanistan. And they have been released to the world by the angry and beleaguered troops themselves.

The pictures were captured on digital cameras over recent months by infantrymen belonging to the Battlegroup of the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. For the most part, they have been sent back to Britain by e-mail, sidestepping the Government's attempts to keep the true nature of the conflict away from the public gaze.

This is a deployment that Ministers, safe in their plush Whitehall offices, have characterised as a peacekeeping mission. John Reid, now Home Secretary, notoriously predicted that the British would serve their tour of duty without a shot being fired. Visits to troops by news teams have been discouraged or stage-managed.

But these unique pictures, backed up by commentary in the e-mails, tell the truth - of savage and bloodthirsty firefights, of unremitting skirmishes with the Taliban and of shortages of ammunition and even rations.

Water has run out, so soldiers drink from disease-carrying rivers. They eat bread scrounged from Afghan troops.

Squaddies are tormented by sand flies and scorpions and are driven mad by stress. They are attacked by Taliban militiamen on motorbikes who open fire while clutching children in front of themselves.

Battles take place against a backdrop of burning villages reduced to rubble by aerial bombardment. On occasion, panic-stricken combatants have used satellite phones to call England with the harrowing message that they are about to die.

The evidence has been delivered to The Mail on Sunday by soldiers who say that their enemy is more numerous, more determined and better equipped than politicians have acknowledged. This, they say, is no peacekeeping mission. This is a new Vietnam.

A soldier who agreed to an interview via e-mail said: "It is a lot worse than people know back home. Politics f****** politics. It is a massive cover-up really, to not get the real truth."

There is also, allegedly, considerable pressure on the Paratroops not to talk about Afghanistan when they return to Britain this month.

"They are using scare tactics,' said the soldier. "It is not fair. The Commanding Officer said that he would mallet anyone he found out was speaking out about this."

Yesterday, however, the Ministry of Defence officially welcomed the soldiers' testimony - raising suspicions that the cloak of secrecy that has hitherto surrounded operations has been ordered by politicians rather than the military.

In the e-mails, the soldiers speak starkly of the savagery of engagements that are kept secret from the public back home.

One said: "You see the Taliban cutting around on dirt bikes, their weapons in one hand, their kids in the other. They think we will not shoot them. There have been some terrible incidents. It is horrible to kill a kid, nothing could prepare you for it."

During an ambush that led to the deaths of three British troops in the town of Musa Qalah on August 1, a senior NCO was forced to take drastic action to retrieve a body and try to rescue a captured soldier.

An e-mail in the possession of this newspaper says: "That place <[>Musa Qalah] is a ****hole anyway. The first wagon got IED'd <[>hit by an Improvised Explosive Device] then as a rescue wagon came down they RPG'd it <[>hit by a Rocket Propelled Grenade]. It was war-fighting, even so much to say we had bayonets fixed."


The soldiers had to use a spade to cut the body of one of their comrades from the wreckage. "Then we released the hatch to get the body out while getting contacted <[>shot at] at the same time. The worst bit was stepping over the body to gather it all up and looking for dog tags."

One of the British casualties was still alive and had been captured by the Taliban. About 100 British soldiers surrounded Musa Qalah and non-Taliban personnel were given 30 minutes to leave. Anyone who remained was considered a legitimate target - again raising shades of Vietnam.

The captured soldier was dead when found by his comrades. It is unclear whether he was killed by the Taliban or died of his wounds.

Last night the MoD said there was 'no better illustration of the extraordinary commitments being made by British soldiers'.

The performance of the Royal Air Force is also called into question by the ground troops. This follows the claim by Para Major James Loden last week that the RAF was 'utterly useless'.

Describing the failure to re-supply troops trapped in a compound in the war-torn village of Sangin, a Para NCO said: "A dz <[>drop zone] was marked, under fire and at night. It was extremely obvious where it was. The Hercules came and totally ignored it.

"They dropped it straight into one of the Taliban strongholds about 100 metres from our camp. We heard a big cheer from the Taliban. It was a massive blow to us. We had been expecting it for two days. We were cheering when it came in. Then we watched it sail away into Taliban hands."

'They could not see properly'

This was not the only re-supply run to go badly wrong. Another almost cost the lives of Canadian troops. "We were told a British convoy was coming up with the re-plen so we expected Brit wagons. There were two guys in one of the sangars <[>defensive positions built with sandbags]. It had got blown up twice by RPGs. They heard this rumbling and at the end of the street they saw some sort of tank poking around the corner. They had no idea what it was, but it was not Brit. They could not see properly. They thought it was ex-Russian stuff the Taliban had got hold of. So there's two guys running off down the street with 84s <[>shoulder-held missiles] just about to blow them up, until one of the guys saw this maple leaf on the front of one of the wagons. We got on the net <[>radio] and had a massive meltdown about why we were not told they were coming."

The mental and physical wellbeing of British forces is also called into question. E-mail testimony suggests that incidents of soldiers wetting and soiling themselves are now commonplace. They wake up screaming from nightmares and have even made harrowing calls to their families during enemy engagements.

In one incident, the Paras were called to rescue Afghan troops and French Special Forces who had been ambushed by the Taliban.

They were flown in by Chinook helicopter, but when they landed, were stunned by what they saw. The ground was littered with the bodies of Afghan soldiers, while incoming bullets hit the helicopter.

"I could not believe we were going to charge off this helicopter into a wall of lead,' said one. "Not everyone wanted to get off. One guy actually defecated. He sat rigid with fear inside the cargo hold until we pulled him up and pointed him towards the door.

"We had to fire and manoeuvre across open ground for 200 metres. The scene was like a human abattoir. We fought off the Taliban but were too late to save the French guys. All of us were shaking when we were flown back to base. One of the Afghan survivors said the French had been tied up then gutted alive by the Taliban. It was one of the most shocking things I had ever heard."


There have been mixed reports about the Afghan National Army. However, one soldier described them as 'shockingly hard'. They have continued fighting alongside the British despite having members of their families killed by the Taliban. Some British soldiers have told their families back home that they fear they are going to die. But after the French atrocity, they say would rather be killed than captured.

The Taliban, previously dismissed as a ragtag force without sophisticated weaponry or tactical knowhow, has evolved. The conflict has enabled the heroin trade to flourish, and with coffers overflowing the guerrilla army has bought equipment such as night vision goggles.

The Taliban has also contracted a legion of mercenaries who have poured over the border from Pakistan into the British-occupied Helmand Province. Contrary to MoD claims, soldiers say that the pace of the fighting continues unremittingly. In the past 48 hours, Paratroopers and Royal Marines, supported by heavy artillery, have conducted operations described as 'rip and insertions' in the Sangin area.

It is understood that at least two British personnel have been severely wounded in the fighting, which soldiers described as 'hardcore'. It was the last major thrust to be carried out by 3 Para before handing over to 42 Commando, Royal Marines.

The picture of life at the main British base, Camp Bastian, is a little more encouraging. Frustration at the rationing of food in the cookhouse leads to the soldiers pulling spoons from cooks' fingers and serving themselves.

They began the tour on what soldiers call 'peacetime munitions scalings', less than they would receive for battle. This supply was criticised as being too light - 120 rounds for their rifles and two grenades. Those with rifles now carry over 200 rounds, and many have exchanged their rifles for light machine guns, called Minimi.

Since British forces arrived in Helmand in May, there have been few success stories. One has been the effectiveness of the Apache helicopter, which has saved many lives.

Last night the Ministry of Defence said: "Incredible efforts are being made to ensure that front-line soldiers are given the best possible support in every way. The tough realities of combat will inevitably create friction about particular incidents, but each individual is doing their very best in the most challenging of circumstances.

"The MoD welcomes these gritty, hard- hitting reports, which portray the reality of difficult work on the front-line. The 3 Para Battlegroup has performed magnificently in extremely difficult circumstances. Alongside the Afghan National Army, they have stood up to the Taliban, who offer nothing to the Afghan people. We salute them."



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It realy is unbeleivable. What a government. Why have the senior officers not spoken up for their men. It's time for them to go public.

- John, Norfolk UK.

Why have these soldiers not got enough food and ammunition? Its not rocket science is it, there must be people held to account for this. My prayers go out to these brave squaddies.

- Ian, Shropshire

Bring our boys home now.

- Amear Ali, Leeds


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Pierre Charles L'Enfant


(2 August 1754; Paris, France14 June 1825; Prince George's County, Maryland)

was a French-born American architec

t and urban planner.


L'Enfant designed the first street plan for the Federal City in the United States, now known as Washington, D.C. He came to the American colonies as a military engineer with Major General Lafayette and became closely identified with the United States, adopting the name Peter.[1]

He was wounded at the Siege of Savannah in 1779, but recovered and served in General Washington's staff as a Captain of Engineers for the remainder of the Revolutionary War. He was promoted by brevet to Major May 2, 1783 in recognition of his service to American liberty.

Following the war, he achieved some fame as an architect by redesigning Federal Hall in New York City. He designed coins, medals, furniture and houses of the wealthy. He was a friend of treasurer Alexander Hamilton. Shortly thereafter, as a result of his connections, L'Enfant was appointed by George Washington (who had become the first President of the United States) to design a new federal capital city under the supervision of three commissioners that Washington had appointed to oversee the planning and development of the 10 mile square of federal territory that would later become the District of Columbia. L'Enfant began his layout in 1791.

Because of his temperament and insistence on the city being realised as a whole, L'Enfant's plan for the Federal City was only partially executed during his lifetime. The District commissioners wanted to direct the limited funds available into the construction of the federal buildings; in this, they had the support of Thomas Jefferson. As a result of L'Enfant's frequent conflicts with the commisioners, George Washington dismissed L'Enfant from the project before L'Enfant was able to find a publisher for his plan. However, George Washington retained a copy of one of L'Enfant's original plans, which is now in the possession of the U.S. Library of Congress. [2] The last line in an oval in the upper left hand corner of the plan identifies its author as "Peter Charles L'Enfant".

Following L'Enfant's dismissal, the commissioners placed the planning for the capital city in the hands of the surveyors, Andrew and Joseph Ellicott, who had earlier conducted the original boundary survey of the future District of Columbia. Andrew Ellicott then revised L'Enfant's plan and, unlike L'Enfant, succeeded in having his own version of the plan engraved, published, and distributed. [3] Ellicott's revision subsequently became the basis for the captital city's development.

L'Enfant was not paid for his work and fell into disgrace, spending much of the rest of his life trying to persuade Congress to pay him what he felt he was owed. He was offered a position as Professor of Engineering at West Point, in 1812, but declined. L'Enfant died in poverty and was buried at the farm of a friend in Prince George's County, Maryland.

In 1901, the McMillan Commission used L'Enfant's plan as the cornerstone of its 1902 report, which laid out a plan for a sweeping National Mall. At the instigation of the French ambassador, Jean Jules Jusserand, L'Enfant's adopted nation then finally recognized his contributions. In 1909, after a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, L'Enfant's remains were reinterred in Arlington National Cemetery, on a hill overlooking the city that he had partially designed. In 1911, he was honored with a monument placed on top of his grave. Engraved on the monument is a portion of L'Enfant's own plan, which Andrew Ellicott had later superceded. [4]

L'Enfant's decade-long relationship with Richard Soderstrom began in 1794. While historians debate the sexual nature of the partnership, at a minimum the two shared living quarters near Philadelphia and collaborated in business. In 1801, Soderstrom billed L'Enfant for his share of their living expenses, and a legal dispute followed

In 1942, a United States Liberty ship named the SS Pierre L'Enfant was launched. In 1970, she was wrecked, then abandoned.

[edit] References

  1. ^ Bowling, Kenneth R., Peter Charles L’Enfant : vision, honor, and male friendship in the early American Republic. George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 2002.
  2. ^ http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/treasures/tri001.html U.S. Library of Congress: Peter Charles L'Enfant's "Plan of the city intended for the permanent seat of the government ...."
  3. ^ http://home.earthlink.net/~docktor/wmslogo.htm Washington Map Society: Plan of the City of Washington
  4. ^ http://www.arlingtoncemetery.org/historical_information/pierre_charles_lenfant.html Arlington National Cemetery: Historical Information: Pierre Charles L'Enfant
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Topic de l’article dans le forum



 Au pied du mur


L’Algérie n’est plus une colonie française depuis belle lurette.


Pourtant c’est le ministère de l’Intérieur qui annonce tout récemment que l’obtention des visas algériens sera assouplie en s’affranchissant des procédures européennes de contrôle de l’immigration. Le ministère de l’Intérieur ?

C’est donc que la circulation entre l’Algérie et la France reste « intérieure » au territoire français, comme entre la métropole et la Martinique ?...


A l’heure où nos peuples européens sont, par de multiples mesures ayant le même effet convergent, délibérément livrés à une immigration massive de peuplement qui prépare à terme leur submersion et l’ensevelissement de notre civilisation occidentale, je propose quelque chose de bien anodin : arborer l’Écusson.


Tout d’abord, posons-nous une question toute simple :

pour quelle raison de fond les territoires de la république reculent-ils sans cesse sous la poussée de certaines populations allogènes ?

Il nous vient immédiatement à l’esprit que le problème vient directement de nos Élites (laxisme des politiques, propagande des médias).


C’est évidemment vrai, mais il y a une cause plus profonde : l’idée de Nation a longuement été stigmatisée, puis gommée de nos têtes. Aujourd’hui nous ne sommes plus qu’une masse inconsistante de consommateurs répartis sur le grand espace économique européen.


Ainsi donc, face aux communautés qui empiètent chaque jour un peu plus sur nos territoires et nos cultures, il n’y a rien. Et c’est pour cela qu’elles avancent.


Faute d’appartenance communautaire, l’autochtone européen est transparent, inexistant, sans destin.

.Les Élites le piétinent tranquillement, et les communautés allogènes, soudées par leur religion, leur culture et leur identité spécifiques, taillent leur route comme sur un boulevard.



Pourtant les européens forment des peuples, unis par leurs valeurs et leur culture propre. Il est important que nous reformions nos communautés nationales, ainsi que la grande Nation européenne. Et que nous le fassions par nous-mêmes, les citoyens de base.


Le Dunon a vocation à réunir tous ceux qui aspirent à une Humanité digne, dans laquelle chaque région du monde est profondément respectée. Le Dunon reconnaît les communautés nationales et régionales.


La Nature a horreur du vide.

 Redevenons visibles et consistants, et nous serons à nouveau souverains sur notre territoire européen.


Mettons-nous au pied du mur, arborons l’Écusson.




Topic de l’article dans le forum




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jeudi 12 octobre 2006, 21h44
Lille: 230 emplois supprimés chez l'imprimeur Quebecor


LILLE (AP) - Le groupe canadien Quebecor,

 deuxième imprimeur mondial, a annoncé jeudi lors d'un comité d'entreprise extraordinaire la fermeture avant l'été 2007 de son site d'Hellemmes, commune associée à Lille (Nord), a-t-on appris de source syndicale.

Quelque 230 emplois doivent être supprimés dans les prochains mois, selon les syndicats. AP


jeudi 12 octobre 2006, 21h44


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