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In Enfield, where a gang on Monday night torched a Sony warehouse, residents declared a 'looter free zone.'

Nick Davidson, 27, a computer shop owner said: "Everybody supports the police but we can see their hands are tied. We're good people but we're not having this."

In Southall, west London, hundreds of Sikh men stood guard outside their temple and mounted street patrols, armed with baseball bats.

In Eltham, south east London, a crowd of 200 men gathered in the streets, promising to protect their neighbourhood from looters and arsonists following rioting in nearby Lewisham and Woolwich.

"We won't stand for it. If anyone wants to come down here and start looting tonight, let them try - we'll be ready for them," said one.
"We're here to protect the town. What went on last night was a disgrace. It shouldn't be allowed. We're taking a stand."
On Monday night, the Turkish business owners in Stoke Newington, North London, chased a gang of rioters out the area and yesterday men stood guard last night with baseball bats and fire extinguishers. In Whitechapel groups of Muslim men gathered outside the East London mosque to defend it and repelled looters from a bank.
But there were concerns far-right groups were seeking to take advantage of the disorder.
Stephen Lennon, the leader of the far-right EDL, said he spent yesterday in Enfield and claim to have 100 supporters on the streets of the town.
Lennon said the group had encouraged all its members to take part in street clean-ups. He said members would launch street patrols in Bristol, Manchester, Luton and Leicestershire over the coming days in an attempt to talk young men out of rioting.
"If they tried to smash up Luton town centre I'd know every one of them. I can go into any working class community and talk to them."
Footage emerged last night of a gang of white men chasing an alleged looter through the streets of Enfield. One bystander shouts: "We're chasing blacks."
Nick Griffin, the British National Party leader, claimed the men in Eltham had chanted 'BNP'. He said the situation was in the town was a
race riot -
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13 août 2011 6 13 /08 /août /2011 18:15

  Fichier:Brixton high street.jpg







En avril 1981 et septembre 1985, Brixton fut la scène d'émeutes que certains qualifièrent de race riots (émeutes selon l'appartenance ethnique), alors que d'autres préféraient y analyser une révolte des classes populaires (soulignant le fait que les noirs n'étaient pas les seuls participants aux émeutes). Elles firent plusieurs centaines de blessés graves. Dans les deux cas, elles mettaient en scène des jeunes hommes noirs qui contestaient certaines mesures discriminatoires de la police. Suite aux manifestations de 1981, le gouvernement envoya Lord Scarman (en) enquêter. C'est à Brixton que furent tentées les premières politiques de police préventive. Mais la mort de noirs en garde à vue et un manque total de confiance en la police provoquèrent quelques émeutes durant les années 1990.



















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 1940 2011








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Hello Norway...Yes...This is Britain..

...Can we borrow some-one???

The violence that has spread across London has now reportedly reached Birmingham. In several parts of the capital, groups of youths are clashing with police, buildings and cars are again ablaze. In Hackney, East London, dozens of youths attacked shops and windows on Monday and pelted riot police with fireworks, pieces of wood and other objects. It follows unrest over the weekend after a man was shot dead by police.
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13 août 2011 6 13 /08 /août /2011 17:55



In Somalia & Ethiopia People are Dying of Famine, In Egypt People are Fighting Freedom, In Syria People are Fighting to Live, Here in the UK People are Fighting for Nike Trainers!! I have NO Sympathy for These Vile Low Life Sick & Twisted Looters i.e. Thieves!!


The Looters & their Sick Parents can NOT Justify what they have done in a Million Years!! Here in the UK People don’t Appreciate what they have compared to some.


 Those Little Shit’s Destroyed People Lives!!








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13 août 2011 6 13 /08 /août /2011 14:59
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